Luck. Great for contests. Bad for strategy.


Take luck out of the equation with a comprehensive brand strategy that looks at who your organization is today, who you want to be and a detailed plan to get you there.

Root Cos Marketing Group creative process
Root Cos Marketing Group


Understand what matters most. It’s easy to launch a new campaign, sit back and see what happens. With a little luck, you may get the response you want. But what if luck isn’t on your side? We see things differently. We:

  • Begin with a solid understanding of your brand today
  • Take time to understand your goals
  • Build a plan to get you there


Ensuring a clear and authentic voice requires you to take time to truly understand your brand, your customers and your value proposition. That insight is integrated into a carefully crafted platform that defines your:

  • Key messages
  • Value proposition
  • Brand personality


When it comes to branding, we know it takes more than just a great logo or single design. You need a comprehensive strategy that will help you stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression. Our creative services ensure you have a long-term asset that will stand the test of time and deliver on your brand promise. 


Communication can take many forms. To us, it's about telling your story. Whether that is done through trusted relationships with the media, delivering powerful content online, supporting your community or launching a direct marketing campaign; we work to showcase your brand and make an impact. 

Comprehensive Services

We understand the importance of a solid first impression. Whether you need a new logo for a start-up organization or are looking to update an existing brand, we love the challenge and thrill of telling your story.

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Seek improved communication with leads

Despite their best efforts, marketers face the perception that they are not doing enough. More than half of organizations reported that their marketing departments could do a better job of staying in touch with customers and leads. Partnering with Root Cos is an opportunity to increase content generation and lead qualification. Get started today.


Increased communication yields twice the leads

Increased communication pays off.

Companies that effectively communicate with their targets every two to four weeks generate twice the leads as companies who only communicate once per month.  Partner with Root Cos to generate powerful content.