Tell a compelling story.

Root Cos Marketing Group's Four Step Marketing Strategy Process - Deploy

Communication can take many forms. To us, it's about telling your story. 

Whether that is done through trusted relationships with the media, delivering powerful content online, supporting your community or launching a direct marketing campaign; we work to showcase your brand and make an impact. 

Content Management

We create meaningful connections with your target audience by creating custom content on the topics that matter most to them. From case studies to white papers and social content, we ensure you have a trusted voice in the market.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Just as no two people are alike, one strategy won't help you reach your goals. We create integrated marketing campaigns that work together to reach your target audience.

Marketing Automation

We infuse analytics into everything we do giving you real-time insight into your campaigns and marketing efforts. Plus, our custom monitoring platform helps accelerate your sales process by giving you a measurable look at how your customers interact with your brand.

Public Relations

Managing everything from news releases, to media training and special events; we help you connect with key stakeholders. 

Social Monitoring

We monitor social conversations, identify key influencers and help you make an impact in the social landscape. 

Media Monitoring

We actively monitor more than 200k media outlets so that we can give you real-time insight into print and broadcast coverage for you, your competitors and the industry you serve. 

Maintain an Authentic Voice

Content marketing is on the rise. Seventy percent of marketers said they are creating more content today than they were one year ago. How do you make your voice stand out among the noise?

Root Cos helps you cut through the clutter, understand what matters most to your target audience and deliver powerful messages that help make an impact.

Increased Content Generation


Your Eyes and Ears

With countless ways to connect with your audience, it can be difficult to manage them all. Our monitoring services help you keep a careful eye on print, broadcast, online and social channels. 

We keep you up-to-date on trending topics, help you craft appropriate responses and measure the impact of your media and social impressions.


Root Cos Social Media monitoring